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Are Infinity Pools Dangerous – Everything You Should Know

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Swimming pools may come in a variety of shapes and designs, as swimming pools can take on a wide variety of creative looks. In this regard, infinity pools are becoming more and more popular due to their luxurious appearance, especially when designed and placed in the right location. The infinity pool makes you feel like you are one with the horizon, floating above the landscape, flourishing in the sky, and finally understanding what it’s like to be a bird. However, due to the design of the pool, you may be concerned about its safety. Let’s take a look at whether infinity pools are dangerous for swimming and everything you need to know about infinity pools.

What Is An Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool, also known as a zero-sided pool, looks like it disappears into the horizon. An infinity pool is designed as a visual trick to make you feel like there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape features.

Other names for infinity pools include vanishing edge and zero-edge pools. All are precise explanations of how these particular structures operate. They were expertly engineered to produce an optical illusion, giving them their stunning aesthetics. An overview of pool coping edges, however, can be useful to better comprehend their construction.

An infinity pool requires significant construction knowledge. Although the basics of the pool are the same as those for a regular pool, the contractor must be especially careful at the “infinite” edge of the pool. The pool’s edge is actually below the surface of the water, which allows water to sluice over it and into a trough where it is collected and circulated back into the pool. This trough can house the filtration and cleaning systems so that the noise of a pool filter system is muffled by the sound of falling water. Since each pool of this type is essentially unique, the designer has a lot of freedom to choose its shape and location. However, this also makes installation more difficult.

How Do Infinity Pools Work?

How Do Infinity Pools Work?

To understand how an infinity pool is designed, imagine a waterfall. You can see the water go over the edge of the waterfall and disappear into the thin air. Of course, what’s really happening is that the water flows down to a lower level, then (depending on the slope of the falls) is collected into a lower pool, and then as more water flows down the top, the pool again overflows.

An infinity pool is a bit like a waterfall with only one lower water level, and part of the pool’s edge is lower, like a dam overflowing to a lower catchment. From there, water is pumped back into the upper pool, creating a continuous overflow.

What Is An Infinity Pool Edge?

The rim of an infinity pool is like the rim of any swimming pool, except it has a depression in one section that allows water to flow through and into a lower catchment area. To create the illusion of a vanishing edge, the infinity pool is designed without a visible cover: at deck level, there are no top covers, pavers or decks to draw attention to the edge.

An infinity-edge pool design deceives the eye visually. The ideal swimming pool edge creates the illusion that there is no barrier between the pool’s water and the scenery outside.

Swimmers who use infinity pools may believe they are floating above the ground. This pool style can also trick the mind into thinking the water from the swimming pool is a waterfall flowing into another body of water, such as a lake, river, or ocean

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Thanks to its innovative design and construction, the infinity pool is completely safe. The wall on the infinity edge is constructed slightly lower than the other walls, so it will not be above the water level and will not be visible from the side or inside of the pool.

The wall is also built at an angle, sloping outward from the pool to create a waterfall effect on the edge of infinity.

Obviously, this water has to go somewhere because, for example, it would be extremely dangerous to drop a waterfall from a hotel roof into a city! This is where infinity pool designs can get some creativity.

A smaller pool of water, called the cistern, was built below the edge of the infinity, completely hidden from view. This storage tank collects falling water and pumps it back to the main sump in a continuous cycle. An infinity pool is never emptied and no water is wasted, making it as environmentally friendly as a regular pool.

Infinity pools are just as safe as regular swimming pools because the walls around the infinity edge are specially reinforced to withstand the extra weight that is constantly pouring off the edge of the pool. It is essentially a very clever optical illusion that adds a touch of novelty and luxury to your pool design.

What Is So Special About Infinity Pools?

At this point, you already know more about infinite pools and how safe they are. Then you might wonder why these pools are more expensive than others. What makes an infinity pool so special?

First, the endless edge of an infinity pool gives it an element of luxury that no other pool design has. That’s because you seem to be swimming, you’re basically looking at the horizon in the pool. Meanwhile, an infinity pool built on an oceanfront property will make the pool appear as if it has direct access to the ocean, thanks to the zero-edge design.

The second reason infinite pools are special is that they are hard to implement. You need to build the swimming pool on a slope so that the swimming pool has a zero-edge design, making it special and luxurious. This means that if the pool is not built on a cliff or the edge of real estate, you will have to spend more to design the slope.

All in all, the infinity pool is an amazing pool because of its luxurious and beautiful design. Just make sure you have the right budget for the property and swimming pool.

Are Infinity Pools Expensive?

If you have an infinite side on one side, the price of an infinite pool is usually 20% higher than a regular pool. If you have infinite advantages on more than one side of the pool, the cost percentage goes up.

If your sump is not large enough to support bath water and make-up water, you may need to install a separate sump on your property (due to setbacks or other issues). This could also lead to higher prices.

Another difference with the infinity pool (which may affect the price) is the materials used for the exterior. You don’t have to think about it in regular pools because you can’t see it, which is not the case with infinite pools.

The overflow wall is visible (at least in most cases), and you want it to look good while still holding up to the constant flow of water. The cost will be determined by the material you choose and the size of the coverage area.

Take a look at the factors listed below that affect the cost of an infinite pool.

  • Size of the pool
  • Available finishes (e.g. glass tiles, tiles, stone in pots, or metal grating)
  • light in sump
  • The size of the catch basin, pool, and infinity edge is an important factor that is often overlooked or misunderstood.
  • Additional equipment such as filters and pumps are required for the sump to function properly.

 How Much Does An Infinity Pool Cost?

The catchment and recirculation system in an infinity pool adds a level of difficulty and expense to the basic pool. To keep the pool water from going the wrong way, you’ll also need a vacuum pool, plus a special filtration system to remove leaves, bugs, and other debris from the pool’s edges.

Pool designers estimate that vanishing edges will add 30 percent to the cost of an in-ground pool. This is a vanishing edge. Some infinity pools are designed to allow water to overflow on multiple sides of the perimeter, which adds to the cost.

The average cost of an infinite pool is $79,000 according to Home Advisor estimates, with an average range of $55,000 to $130,000. (The base cost per square foot is about $80.)

Are Infinity Pools Hard to Maintain?

Are Infinity Pools Hard to Maintain?

Infinity pools can be more difficult to clean when it comes to pool maintenance. In a typical traditional swimming pool, the focus is always on cleaning and chemically treating the pool, which is the most fun and active place.

Water flows from the edge of the infinity pool to the lower catchment pool. This pool collects water from the top floor and returns it to the upper floor. Cleaning and maintaining this pool is critical as it is a small pool. It has a lower suction source and must be cleared of debris for suction and return.

In addition to taking care of your pool, pool owners must also pay attention to their water levels, as infinity pools evaporate more water than standard pools. Water falls off the edge and then accumulates in the lower basin, where it evaporates.

Tips To Maintain An Infinity Pool

Practice these maintenance tips and your infinity pool will look as stunning as ever.

Keep drains clear.

Special attention needs to be paid to the suction system of the sump to avoid clogging. As the water circulates, debris can collect here and clog the system.

Keep an eye on the pump.

Pumps are an essential part of an infinity pool. It makes the water in the sump flow back to the main sump. Pay close attention to the performance of the pump; if it works slowly, gets loud, makes strange noises, or stops completely, it will require repairs by a technician familiar with infinity pools.

The sump must be cleaned.

Keeping the sump in good condition and preventing buildup requires the same cleaning procedures as the rest of the sump.

Pay close attention to the hydrochemical pool.

Since the water in an infinity pool evaporates quickly and needs to be replenished frequently, you need to pay special attention to the pool’s chlorine content and pH. Test twice a week to keep your pool water in the proper range.

Keep the water level at all times.

As the water flows over the infinite edge into the sump, it evaporates faster than in conventional ponds. Since infinity pools are designed to keep the water flowing indefinitely, you must constantly add water to keep it at the correct level.


Undoubtedly, the infinity pool is the most luxurious in recent days and it has taken the world by storm. Some of the controversy surrounding this new invention can be confusing, with safety being the main concern. However, it has been confirmed that infinite pools do not pose much of a threat. However, accidents do happen from time to time, so we should always be careful.

Considering the perfect view and best experience of an infinity pool, you might be tempted to install one in your backyard, it’s not bad, but first, check your landscaping and surroundings before deciding to invest as it’s an expensive investment. You may end up spending a lot of money and not getting the feel you want.