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Are Infinity Pools Safe? Everything You Need To Know

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Ever wondered how does an infinity pool work? The water is dispersed, but where? Are infinity pools safe? We have all the answers to these queries, as well as many more, as one of the top 50 pool builders in the US. This is a comprehensive guide to infinity pools.

What Is An Infinity Pool?

A zero-edge pool also referred to as an infinity pool, appears to vanish into the distance. An infinity pool is made to deceive the eye into believing that there is no difference between the water and the surrounding landscape elements.

What Is An Infinity Pool Edge?

An infinity pool’s edge is similar to any other pool’s edge, with the exception that there is a dip in one area to allow water to flow over and into a lower catchment basin. Infinity pools are made without a visible cap to give the illusion of a disappearing edge: at the deck level, there’s nothing—coping, pavers, or decking—to call attention to the edge.

How Do Infinity Pools Function?

Actually, infinity pools have two levels: the main pool, and a basin that is strategically built beyond and below the infinity edge. 

The main pool does have an edge, it is just hidden an inch or so below the top of the water. This indicates that the majority of the water is contained in the same manner as in any conventional pool. The wall is concealed and the illusion is produced by the additional inch of water that isn’t contained.

Water that is present above the wall spills over the edge and into the basin below. After that, it is pumped back into the upper pool, starting a cycle that uses all the water.

Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools: What Makes Them Unique?

A negative edge pool is fascinating, but so is the engineering and technology that goes into making it. The water is contained inside the pool because all of the pool walls on a typical swimming pool are higher than the water’s surface.

Infinity-edge pools have one or more pool walls that are hidden by the water because they are built to the same height as the water. These walls are designed to slope away from the pool, causing the water to cascade downwards like a waterfall.

This water, however, does not simply fall to the ground below; it is captured in a holding tank built below the infinity edge, making it completely invisible from the pool itself.

The water is pumped back up into the main pool from the holding tank, ensuring that your pool stays full, with no water going to waste, and you can enjoy the feeling of being part of your environment in your beautiful edgeless pool.

Due to their special qualities, infinity pools can be expensive, and only the wealthy or big hotels and recreation areas can afford them.

Are Swimming Infinity Pools Dangerous?

Infinity swimming pools are completely safe due to their cutting-edge construction and design. The pool wall at the infinity edge is built slightly lower than the other pool walls, so it does not rise above the water’s surface and is not visible from beside or inside the pool.

A waterfall effect is produced over the infinity edge by this wall’s construction, which is also angled and slopes outward from the pool.

Since it would be extremely dangerous for a waterfall to fall onto a city from the roof of a hotel, for example, the water must go somewhere. This is where the design of the infinity pool can get a little inventive.

A holding tank, a smaller pool that is completely hidden from view, is constructed beneath the infinity edge. This holding tank gathers the water that has fallen and continuously cycles it back up into the main pool. It is just as environmentally friendly as a regular swimming pool because the infinity pool never empties and there is no water waste.

Infinity pools are just as safe to swim in as regular swimming pools because the pool walls around the infinity edges are specially reinforced to endure the additional weight of the water continuously cascading over them. It is essentially a remarkably skillful optical illusion that gives your swimming pool’s design a dash of novelty and opulence.

For Your Backyard, Are Infinity Pools Appropriate?

Depending on how opulent you want your pool to look and how you plan to use it, there are many different pool designs that can be installed in your backyard. However, there aren’t many swimming pools that can compare to an infinity pool in terms of luxury.

The unique feature of an infinity pool is that one side of the pool appears to have no end and has no edges whatsoever. This indicates that while the pool is built similarly to every other pool on the other sides, there is at least one side where the pool has an endless side, creating the illusion that the pool is just inches from the edge. As a result, when you cross that edge, it will appear as though you are going to fall off a cliff.

An infinity pool has thus become a popular choice for homes that want to add a touch of luxury because of its very design. To install an infinity pool in your backyard, though, is that actually possible?

Yes, it is very likely that you will be able to install an infinity pool in your backyard. The issue here is that it will be very challenging to pull this off, especially given how the pool was designed.

Infinity pools are simpler to construct in yards with a natural slope because the pool will be built on the slope for an “endless edge.” Because of this, it would be extremely challenging to build a pool on your property if it didn’t have that slope.

The infinity pool must be built partially above ground in backyards without a slope in order to provide a border. To ensure that the ground can support the design of the infinity pool, a strengthening structure should be built underneath the pool in the interim. As a result, while infinity pools are technically feasible for backyard installation, they are very challenging to construct and may prove to be costly. As a result, infinity pools are typically only constructed on luxury properties or on top of buildings.

Are Infinity Pools Safe?

Despite the fact that there are many other risks, this does not negate the need for caution when near an infinity edge pool.  Any pool, including infinity pools, should be regarded as potentially dangerous.  Beyond the risk posed by your typical pool, there is the weir wall, also known as the wall that the water flows over.  The risk-averse will occasionally attempt to walk on this slick surface because it is frequently nearly flat. Therefore, do not ever attempt to balance or rest on top of the water-flowing wall.

While it might seem obvious to most, consider the least responsible person you knew in high school. The kind of person who would attempt to balance across an infinity edge weir is probably readily apparent.  One or two are familiar to everyone.  Maybe that describes you; if so, I hope you’ve turned your urge for adrenaline into something positive like skydiving or rock climbing.

An Infinity Pool Has What Advantages?

The luxurious appearance of an infinity pool is the main factor in people’s decisions. Nothing else compares to being constructed in front of a gorgeous horizon. Unhindered views of the ocean, a cityscape, or a stunning landscape are available from infinity pools. To experience the luxury of swimming in an infinity pool (and to snap a few photos for Instagram), people travel from all over the world to hotels and resorts.

Compared to many other pool designs, infinity pools are also more environmentally friendly. Water that spills over the edge of the pool is not lost; rather, it is caught by the basin and “recycled” back into the original pool. Only when the pool is in use does the pump that controls it run. Due to this exquisite design, energy and water are preserved, resulting in lower costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Do Infinity Pools Cost More?

Some locations are better suited than others for infinity pools. Have you got a drop-off with an amazing view on your property? Your backyard would then be ideal for an infinity pool. However, a landscape is not required to be part of your panoramic view. Perhaps the view of the city is spectacular. In fact, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore has one of the most well-known infinity pools. At its edge, there is a breathtaking view of the city.

Infinity edge pools are typically more expensive than conventional pools, contrary to popular belief. Construction of infinity pools is harder. You must pay extra for water recycling and a second wall for the vanishing edge. Additionally, infinity pools have a unique filtration system for getting rid of leaves and insects. There are infinity pools with more than one edge that vanishes, which raises the price and wow factor. Generally speaking, the price of an infinity pool can be between 25% and 30% higher than a regular pool. You might be able to benefit from off-season discounts, though it depends on when you decide to purchase your pool.


One of the most stunning design options for your new backyard pool is an infinity edge.  It has a stunning effect when done correctly. In our years in the business, we have constructed numerous infinity pools. You will be safe as long as you know the answer to “are infinity pools safe” and how to take care of yourself.