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Can You Go Swimming with Eyelash Extensions?

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Eyelash extensions are a great way to add a little confidence to our daily routine. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter night, lash extensions can suit any season or occasion. But what happens if we want to swim or soak in the sea with our eyelashes? This article will solve all your questions about swimming with lash extensions. While it’s true that chlorine and salt water can affect the retention of your lash extensions, don’t worry because there are ways to give you a full swim without damaging your precious new lashes.

Can You Swim with Your Lash Extensions?

Simply put, yes! You can definitely go swimming with lash extensions. Even if there are some rules to follow beforehand, swimming lessons shouldn’t cause any problems. So, with that in mind, let’s quickly break these rules and see the truth behind the eyelash extension swim.

We recommend wearing swimming goggles if you’re splashing through waves to protect your extensions from salt (which can break down the adhesive used to attach your natural lash to the extension) and friction—water pressure from waves or even a high-pressure shower can place extra stress on your extensions, causing them to shed prematurely. Swimming goggles provide ample space for your fluttery lashes.

The use of eye extensions does not imply that you are limited to certain activities, modes of transportation, or times of day. Some people may still be skeptical about going for an eyelash swim. If you’re still skeptical about the connection between water and eye extensions, this information can help you save time and nerve cells.

Can You Get Eyelash Extensions Wet?

You can get your lashes wet and you should clean them regularly. It is recommended to gently wash your lashes with a safe shampoo cleanser to keep them looking healthy and beautiful.

Water, in essence, causes the lash bond to become brittle and break. After 48 hours, you are free to shower again. It is a myth that you should never get your eyelash extensions wet after getting a new set; in fact, the opposite is true!

The use of eye extensions does not imply that you are limited to certain activities, modes of transportation, or times of day. Some people may still be skeptical about going for an eyelash swim. If you’re still skeptical about the connection between water and eye extensions, this information can help you save time and nerve cells.

Mistakes When Swimming With Eyelash Extensions

  • Mistake 1: I can’t swim in the pool

mistake! No doubt you can swim with long eyelashes or take a dip in the pool, and it’s best to provide utility as goggles before slipping into the pool.

  • Mistake 2: All lash extensions are suitable for swimming

The factory provides lash glue that allows you to get into the water without affecting the extension of your lashes.

But you know, nothing is 100% perfect. If you’re swimming under the beach or playing on the waves, we recommend wearing goggles to avoid friction.

  • Mistake 3: Using waterproof mascara

Do not! It is likely to get dirty while swimming. What you see is that when you are enjoying your time, you are like a panda.

best not to use it even if you don’t go swimming

  • Mistake 4: Salt water is safe for my lash extensions

But in fact, it’s not! Unfortunately, spending too much time in the ocean isn’t for your lashes.

Seawater is extremely corrosive, and steel cannot prevent seawater corrosion.

Salt can damage your extension very quickly, causing it to fall off your natural lashes quickly.

If you’re on vacation at sea, wear goggles for extra protection for your lashes!

  • Mistake 5: I don’t need to use any lash product after swimming

If you haven’t already, we recommend purchasing some professional eyelash cleaning products to keep your lashes intact for longer.

Things to Keep in Mind to Protect Your Lash Extensions During Summer

Protect Your Lash Extensions During Summer

Here’s what to do when swimming so it won’t damage or affect the retention of your eyelashes while swimming in Melbourne.

  • Wait 24-48 hours before wetting the eyelashes

If your lashes grew in Brighton or South Yarra, you should definitely avoid exposing them to water. Glue specifically designed for lash extensions can take 24-48 hours to dry completely, so avoid getting it wet until then, or you may end up using it again after swimming.

Don’t worry though, after 24 to 48 hours, you can say hello to any type of water. Therefore, if you are planning to spend the summer with family or friends, we recommend scheduling an eyelash treatment in Melbourne in advance.

  • Do not let chlorine or salt water get on your eyelashes

Chlorine and salt water can weaken the bond of the adhesive and affect the retention of lash extensions. Eyelashes fall out faster than expected when you soak in water for too long or swim a lot, so don’t worry if you soak in a pool or salt water in the summer.

But to prevent chlorine and salt water from getting into your lashes, we recommend cleaning your lashes after every swim. First, rinse your lashes with water, then thoroughly clean them with a mild foaming lash cleanser.

  • Don’t rub your eyes

When water gets into your eyes, it’s easy to rub your eyes. The friction from rubbing can cause your lashes to twist and deform, and in worse cases, it could tear your lashes with your fingernails or knuckles!

So, restrain your impulses and avoid rubbing your eyes. The same goes for using a towel: Be extra gentle and pat your face rather than rub it.

  • Don’t apply mascara

Aside from the trend of applying or applying mascara, removing mascara can also be a nightmare! The mascara is designed to have super-staying power, it can make the lashes stick together; taking them off can damage the lash extensions.

  • Avoid applying sunscreen near your eyelids

Sunscreen is a must every day, especially when enjoying the sun, but remember not to get it around your eyes.

Sunscreens, especially oil-based ones, can weaken the bond of cyanoacrylate, the main ingredient in eyelash extension adhesives. This shortens the retention time of the extended lashes. So, be extra careful when applying sunscreen.

Things to Avoid When Having Wet Eyelash Extensions

  • Do not use spray toners, moisturizers, creams, regular shampoos, or conditioners around false eyelashes.
  • Avoid using pads, cotton swabs, sponges, and wipes to clean false eyelashes.
  • When cleaning your lashes, never put direct pressure on them.
  • Stay away from common cleansers or check the ingredients in the product before using it in mascara.
  • It is best to avoid overly drying solutions such as alcohol-based cleaners.
  • Try to stop using sunscreen around your eyes, especially if it contains oils and glycols.

What Should You Do If You Accidentally Wet Your Lashes Over 24 Hours?

You’ve just had a beautiful lash stretch in Brighton or South Yarra and out of habit you walk into the bathroom and get your lashes soaked. Now you start to panic. don’t worry. This usually happens.

Sometimes lash extensions work fine if the glue has cured, but if not, the lashes may fall out prematurely. When you expose your lashes to water when you should, your lashes dry out quickly from excess moisture. This means that the lash extensions have not yet bonded to the natural lashes, causing the lashes to fall out.

So, what should you do?

  • Do not worry. The results may be good.
  • Wait to see if they fall off prematurely. If they do, call your lash technician and tell them exactly what happened. Then your lash tech can give you the best options to get those beautiful lashes back in Melbourne.

Your lash tech will appreciate your honesty, which will help avoid unpleasant conversations on both sides.

Final Thoughts

After 24 to 48 hours of treatment, you can totally enjoy swimming while your lash extensions look amazing. Just don’t forget other do’s and don’ts like washing your lashes with fresh water after every swim, avoiding friction, and wearing comfortable goggles so your lashes will last longer.