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Do I Need to Wear Underwear With Swim Trunks?

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In general, you should never be required to wear underwear underneath your swimwear. You do not need to wear a bra or panties if it is a one piece. If you’re wearing swim trunks, swim shorts, or swim briefs, you shouldn’t wear underwear with them.

Many individuals may wonder why you should not wear any underwear beneath your swimwear. Isn’t it excessively exposing and uneasy without extra cover? In actuality, you are more concealed than you believe. Here are further information on how the swimsuits are designed to function as both underwear and outerwear.


Most individuals assume that wearing underwear underneath swim trunks isn’t a huge deal and isn’t actually a problem. Most people are unconcerned about it. Many people may be wondering why no underwear should be worn beneath swimsuits. Isn’t it uncomfortable and unnecessarily exposed without a layer of protection?

You should never have to wear underpants beneath your swimsuit. You should not wear underwear if you are wearing swim trunks, swim shorts, or swim briefs.

Normal underwear also absorbs a lot of water, creating drag and making swimming difficult. You will be slower and heavier in the water, and your underwear will take much longer to dry.

Is it ever necessary to wear underwear beneath my swimsuit? In some circumstances, yes. In most circumstances, it’s better to wear boxers or briefs rather than go commando if your swim shorts don’t include a liner.

Is it ever necessary to wear underwear beneath my swimsuit? In some circumstances, yes. In most circumstances, it’s better to wear boxers or briefs rather than go commando if your swim shorts don’t include a liner.


Short answer: it varies. In general, it is not suggested. Most swimming pools have some kind of swimsuit policy. The bulk of them demand you to wear an approved swimwear and forbid you from wearing underwear or street apparel.

These restrictions are largely in place for safety reasons. Clothes worn outside can spread waterborne sickness and make other swimmers ill.

Clothing can also introduce dirt and dust particles into the pool, disrupting the water’s chemical equilibrium. Chemicals in the pool work as a disinfectant, fighting germs and preventing illness transmission. As a result, keep dirt from garments away from the pool.

The guidelines are also necessary to provide some consistency of coverage among swimmers, as well as to minimize inadvertent nudity and dissatisfied consumers. Because most underwear does not have a string to tighten it, it is more prone to slip off your body when swimming. When moist, underwear can also become see-through.

Beaches, on the other hand, allow you to wear whatever you want, including bras, boxers, briefs, and anything else you can think of. I’ve gone to a few beaches with swimsuit rules, but they’re few and far between.

Wear a tight-fitting sports bra and nylon panties if you forgot your swimwear. I’ve even heard of males passing as speedos by wearing tight women’s nylon underwear (this can be really embarrassing for some men, though). Just keep in mind that moist underwear might turn see-through.


Yes, in exceptional cases. If your swimsuit lacks support, for example, you might consider putting a bra beneath. If your swim shorts do not have a lining, it is usually best to wear boxers or briefs rather than going commando in most cases. Females can combine panties with board shorts for added comfort.

Some people may be concerned that their swim trunks may fall down. Some people just desire more support or compression, which are all reasonable reasons to wear underwear. Most of these and comparable issues, however, may be avoided by just selecting a better swimsuit.


Although a swimsuit can be used as underwear, it is not suggested that you do so. Swimsuits can irritate the skin and become unpleasant after prolonged use. Underwear is designed for extended wear and is comprised of breathable, moisture-absorbent fabrics that are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, underwear is less expensive and will last longer than a swimsuit used as underwear.

To recapitulate, the following are the reasons why you should not wear underwear with your swimsuit:

  • Underwear is not designed to be worn in a pool or other body of water.
  • The chemicals in the swimming pool will destroy it.
  • It will absorb water, making swimming more difficult.
  • It will almost always be visible from beneath the swimsuit, which can make it appear uncomfortable and ugly.
  • It can be really unpleasant.
  • Underwear and street clothing can bring dirt and disease-carrying bacteria into the pool, endangering other swimmers.


Do professional swimmers wear anything under their swimsuits?

This question has no conclusive solution. Professional swimmers may or may not wear underwear beneath their swimsuits. It is ultimately up to the individual swimmer to determine whether or not to wear underpants.

Is it illegal to wear underpants in a public pool?

Yes, wearing underpants in a public pool is against the regulations. Underwear may pose a variety of issues in a pool, including blocking filters and posing a safety threat. So, if you’re going to swim in a public pool, we suggest leaving your underpants at home.

Can I go to the beach in my usual clothing rather than bringing a swimsuit?

It is technically feasible to go to the beach in your ordinary clothing rather than a swimsuit. We do not, however, endorse this alternative. Wearing ordinary clothing to the beach is likely to be quite unpleasant, as they will rapidly become wet and sandy. So, if you want to wear something to the beach, we recommend bringing a swimsuit.

What are the advantages of wearing underwear beneath swim trunks?

Wearing underwear with swim trunks has a few advantages. To begin, wearing underwear might assist to limit your movement in the water and make you more comfortable. Furthermore, wearing underwear while swimming in a public pool may be against the regulations. So, if you want some more coverage and don’t want to get in trouble with the pool personnel, underwear is a smart alternative.

wear underwear in swimming


Finally, you can wear underwear with swim trunks if you choose. We do not, however, endorse this alternative. Underwear is not made to be worn in water, therefore wearing it beneath your swimsuit will most likely be quite unpleasant. Furthermore, because underwear is not as sturdy as swimsuits, it may not last as long if used in the water. So, if you want to wear something with your swim trunks, we propose a classic swimsuit.