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How to Keep a Pool Cover from Sagging In Simple Ways

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A pool cover is a fantastic way to keep your swimming area clean and safe, regardless of whether you have an above-ground pool or an inground pool. You can reduce your water costs by using a pool cover, which also reduces evaporation. A drooping pool cover, however, can be both ugly and hazardous. Water can build up under a sagging pool cover, which can promote the growth of mold and mildew. To fix and prevent sagging pool covers, there are a few things you can do, and I’ll go over them in this article.

Why Is Pool Cover Sagging?

I want to tell you guys about my problem from the previous winter. I, therefore, spent the previous winter with my family on the snowy Long Island, New York. Our pool cover, to put it briefly, first sagged and then completely burst. And it all happened because we didn’t clear the snow every day!

Low Water Level

The water level in your pool has fallen below the top of the pool cover, which is a typical cause of your pool cover beginning to sag. Either evaporation or leakage may cause this. If you have an inground pool, you might also experience a problem with groundwater leaking into the pool, which can result in a drop in the water level.

Improper Installation

The pool cover’s sagging could also be caused by improper installation. Incorrect installation may cause the cover to sag in the center or at the edges. The most common reason for this is either too much or not enough tension on one side of the cover.

Improper Size

The middle of a pool cover that is too big for the pool will sag. Ensure that the cover is the appropriate size for your pool. Strong winds may cause oversized pool covers to fly away.

Too Much Weight on the Cover

The cover may sag if there is too much weight on it. People frequently sit or walk on the cover, which is the usual cause of this. You must make sure that no one sits or walks on your pool cover if it is there for safety reasons.

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice buildup is a further factor in a sagging pool cover. It’s crucial to routinely clear the snow from your pool cover if you live in a region that receives a lot of snow. The weight of the snow might otherwise cause your pool cover to sag. Purchasing an Air Pillow for the winter is one simple way to avoid the accumulation of snow and ice.

Trash and Debris

Trash and other materials piling up on top of the pool cover are another typical reason why it sags. If you don’t clean your pool cover on a regular basis, this could happen. The pool cover may sag if there is an excessive amount of trash on it. It is a wise decision to buy a pool cover pump, which filters all the debris and safeguards your pool cover in the off-season, in order to prevent debris buildup.

Old Pool Cover

Examine your pool cover’s condition. It might be time to replace it if it is dated or worn out. The durability and likelihood of sagging of a new pool cover will be reduced. The pool cover is likely past its prime and needs to be replaced, which is a common cause of sagging covers. The various pool cover types can also have an impact on this.

How To Get Water Off Pool Cover Without A Pump

How to Keep a Pool Cover from Sagging In Simple Ways

If you have an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool that is sitting higher in elevation than the area around it, there are a few different ways to keep water off the top of your pool cover. Act quickly to prevent it from freezing if your pool cover is sagging and full of water. You can either siphon it off or pump it off.

To siphon it off, use a hose, wet vac discharge hose, or fill it with the garden hose and prime it that way. Weigh one end of the hose and fill the other end with the liquid.

When you drop the other end on the ground with the weighted end thrown toward the center of the cover, where the majority of the water is collected, natural suction will draw the water away from the pool and into your yard. This will work best if you have an above-ground pool and your yard slopes outward so the water has somewhere to go.

How To Keep A Pool Cover From Sagging

Having known the causes of the sagging of your pool cover, the remedies are as follows:

  1. Keep the center of the cover higher than the sides
  2. Maintaining a pool cover with the center higher than the sides can help prevent sagging. This will aid in preventing water from gathering at one side, where it may sag and pull up on other corners due to gravity.

The chosen shape is comparable to a house’s roof in shape.

Not always possible, but if you can, keeping the center of the pool cover higher than the edges will help to keep your pool clean and safe from harm.

2. Secure the outer edge with heavy objects such as H2O blocks or bags

A different way to prevent pool covers from sagging is to use heavy items, like water blocks or bags, to secure the pool covers’ outer edges. The pool cover will be held in place much more securely if weight is added to its outer edge.

Additionally, it gets rid of the sagging, which takes care of any areas in the cover where water or dirt might gather.

3. Adjust the sagging on the cover as soon as possible

Self-explanatory, this one. To avoid pool covers becoming too heavy and irreversibly dragging down, correct any cover sagging as soon as you notice it.

4. Use a portable pool cover pump instead

Pool cover sagging is also avoided by using portable pool covers. Due to their portability and ease of manipulation, portable pool covers are simpler to keep tightly over the pool.

5. Build your own cover support structure

Building your own support structure will help your cover stay taught if the aforementioned solutions don’t work for you. It’s a less expensive option.

A pool cover may sag if there is insufficient weight on each side or if the water is too heavy at one end of the pool. If you don’t want to build something from scratch, adding an additional pole across the pool’s center can help with this issue.

Build a frame with two crossbars (one set about 12 inches above ground level, and the other at eye level) using only PVC pipe pieces and fittings that are easily found at any hardware store.

6. Place a pool pillow under the pool cover

The pool cover won’t sag if a pool pillow is positioned underneath it. The pillow should be positioned beneath at least one-third of the pool cover and cut to size so that it presses firmly against the pool cover on all sides.

Since pillows can lose their shape over time or if they are exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time, they will need to be changed out from time to time.